About Us

Who We Are

Translata is a translation company which operates between America, Europe and the Middle-East. We conduct our business online, making it easy for you to reach out to us with documents you need translated or edited. Our guarantee is professional and timely results.

Our team of translators and editors are professionals with university degrees in the domain and wide range of experience. In addition to a degree in translation, our translators boast a wide knowledge base that enables them to professionally cover any subject: technical, scientific, legal, economic, journalistic, literary or otherwise.

Our Method

At Translata we rely on human translation and our translators are native or considered near-native. However, they master Computer-Assisted Translation Tools known as CAT Tools, such as translation software, translation memory and localization software.

Relying on human translation allows us to make target texts culturally relevant and accurate since each language has its peculiarities, features, idioms and so on. Being able to translate the meaning behind the words, the sentiment, mood and so on, is what differentiates between professional translators who take their work seriously and others.

Getting help from CAT Tools help us improve our effectiveness and deliver on time results that meet your expectations.

Why Work with Us

We pride ourselves on quality, dedication to our work, timeliness in delivery, and a code of ethics whereby we respect our contracts and we uphold our customers’ privacy. We practice confidentiality in all our work.

By working with us you can be sure that your work is in good hands and will be delivered on time and to your satisfaction. Our team’s high availability to answer any questions and queries you might have is an extra measure we take to ensure our working relationship with you is professional, friendly and productive.

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