Frequently Asked Questions

We can proofread and edit existing translations as stand-alone texts, or in relation to the original text you provide us with. We proofread for accuracy, structure, grammatical correctness, style, terminology and more.

We can edit your source text if needed to make it readable, coherent and well structured.

Head over to our Get Your Instant Quote section and upload the file you need translated there.

A translator produces a written text, whereas an interpreter talks and translates speech in real time (e.g. meeting, conference).

We rely on human translators for our work. This is our guarantee of quality! However, we may use a Translation Memory to enhance the quality and speed of our translation for specific kinds of documents.

You can head over to our Get an Instant Quote section; there you can fill in the form we provide, and our team will be in touch with you in record time to give you a quote and time estimate.

Our initial contract ensures that we respect your privacy and that we will not share your information or your documents with a third party.

This depends on the project size, complexity and required language. Our team will communicate with you to discuss your requirements and come up with the appropriate time frame and deadlines.

We offer you the service of notarizing your documents and making them official from our headquarters in Lebanon, if you so require.

A sworn translator is one who is certified by the government and can directly stamp their translation as accurate and faithful to the original document. We do have sworn translators whose work is legalized by Lebanese tribunals.

Yes, we do in some cases. CAT, Computer-Assisted Translation, or Computer-Aided Translation makes the collaboration between human and computer an interactive process, allowing our translators to use several linguistic tools, indexing utilities and more to enhance the quality and speed of our translations.

The languages we are expert in are: Arabic, French, English, Spanish, German and Chinese.

We mainly accept credit cards and bank transfers. You will receive all related information along with your invoice.

Yes. Urgent projects require more resource allocation, and as such will be priced differently than a non-urgent translation project.

No. We translate any document, video, slideshow you have regardless of its size.

There is no one size fits all in the world of translation: the cost of your translation will depend on several aspects: size of document, technical level, whether it requires special formatting of expert knowledge, as well as urgency.

You can use features in your word processors, or you can roughly estimate based on the number of pages: each A4 page is approximately 250 words. There are also online word count services and applications where you paste your text and get an automatic word count.

As experts in the field of translation, our work is always up to professional standards. We are not a governmental organization, but we offer the service of certifying or notarizing your translated documents should you need it.

Our team of expert translators handle all your documents; all our translators have degrees in the domain and are fluent in the languages they specialize in. At Translata, we screen our translators for competence and efficiency to ensure our work meets your expectations.

At Translata, we work with companies, organizations (governmental and otherwise), as well as with individuals. We are well equipped to handle any type of document that needs to be translated, regardless of its complexity, technicality or nature.

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