Audio-Visual Translation

Audio-Visual translation at Translata includes audio documents translation and subtitling of different types of visual content, such as film, series, documentaries and more. 

We translate your audio documents into text, while focusing on maintaining the integrity of the information included, cultural localization, as well as clarity and correctness of the information. 

As for subtitling, our team is experienced in translating spoken segments in film to be displayed visually on screen. 

For any form of translation, localization is key; this is perhaps most important in the setting of Audio-Visual translation: the translated text needs to be culturally relevant and maintain the integrity of the original, especially since it will be read in association with the visuals of the original. 

Our experienced team is careful to properly translate culture-specific terms and expressions to ensure that the original meaning and intention is not lost on the audience, while maintaining the integrity of the original.